Sunday, July 23, 2017

Olympus em1ii

Can you believe it - I own a Fuji 50s and am about to replace it with the Olympus - huh?

Well, it's like this - I'd always liked the idea of the small camera and even had a Panasonic gh2 that I liked very much but felt image quality lacked.

Recently with using the rx10 I was amazed at the image quality with a very small sensor and had to wonder about modern 20 mp micro four thirds.

I read mixed reviews of the high res mode - only with primes, more often than not not offering anything more than native single shot quality.

I'll be offering evidence soon but can tell you that high res with the Panasonic 8-18 and with the Olympus 40-150 are fantastic and this is going to be great.

Is with this camera is simply amazing. In single focus I have made some great shots of the dog - even indoors - which previous cameras have frankly sucked at.

Today at the off leash park I struggled mostly because as son as I lay down to get a low angle Sophie would bolt towards me and be within five feet by the time I got camera and telephoto to my eye  - hardly the cameras fault but I did have some success as she ran towards me standing so there's hope.

You might ask why buy the 40-150 2.8 when it weighs exactly the same as my canon 70-200 f4.

Well, I was using my Pentax lenses with the Fuji and this 40-150 will cover my 120, 200, and 300 and even gets close to the 75 so that's one lens instead of four.

A lot is made of lens equivalence - double both focal length and f stop to get an idea of what the lens does in full frame terms.

But remember that exposure and matching shutter speed are based on the actual f stop, not some equivalent number so my 2.8 40-150 will need half the ISO compared to my canon lens.

Still, I'd be kidding myself if I thought that even with high res mode I'd be able to print as big.

Know what -my printer only does 17X22 and my garage stores half a dozen large canvas prints -too big to hang in the house. I even bought a pack of 8.5X11 paper so I can make hand holdable prints.

is it possible this micro four thirds will disappoint? Possibly, but it will be fine for now and I'm definitely having fun. Someone who does need 40X60 inch prints can buy my 50s and be happy with it.

Back with images to support this position in the next few days.

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Len said...

You may be surprised at the size of the images you can print with the good lenses in this system. I can easily pull a A2 17 x 22 inch print without any stress. Most of my work I print ten inches square so I have plenty of room. I hope you enjoy. Regards Len Metcalf