Saturday, July 29, 2017

Bomber Museum Nanton

The EM1i was a delight to use in my first serious shoot with the camera. Almost all the images were made with the 40-150 and as expected, it reulted in a lot less lens swapping than I'm used to with either the Pentax 645z or the Fuji 50s. Resolution on the high res mode was great - though for convenience I opted for jpeg 50 MP. As I also opted for low ISO of 64, I'm thinking I might have short changed myself on highlight room.

I even did a 7 image focus blend (for later processing) that worked well. Switching from vertical to horizontal and back was of course painless because of the lens collar. I'd purchased the RRS L bracket but as they did warn, the L part of the bracket does interefere with full movement of the LCD screen so took it off for today. The bottom Arca bracket that contours the shape of the body of the em1ii was perfect for providing support for my little finger, right hand so I don't begrudge the extra height of the bracket and body combined.

 Is high res mode as good as the Fuji 50s? No way. Is it sufficient for the size of prints I'm making - for critical inspection - yes. I'd say that up to 20X24 prints will be fine, but not 30X40.
Is that a problem - well, I don't have a 30 inch printer (max. 17 wide is what I have). Is my wife about to let me hang a bunch of 30+ inch prints in the house - no.
So, given how much fun it is to use, how little hassle, and how it solves all of the issues I had with previous cameras, I'm so far more than prepared to accept this quality.

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Ken said...

Lovely images. It's not the camera.