Friday, November 03, 2006

Around The House

Just had to take a picture. Popped the cover off the piano and voila...

Perhaps there is a project here.

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ilachina said...

Hi George,

I've been a long-time lurker on your Blog, and find it just wonderful! You are not only a gifted photographer, but an eloquent spokesman for the craft (indeed, you should seriously consider submitting some photo-essays for publication, and not just straight photography!). I find all of your posts thought-provoking and full of stepping-stones for my own artistic journey.

Like you, photography is not my "day job" (I am a Ph.D. physicist), but without it I would surely be a lifeless soul. If you have some old issues of B&W lying around, a few of my images made it into #41 (with Ryuijie on the cover). And, while my photos have not yet appeared in Lenswork (though I'm trying ;-), an extended essay entitled "Ten Epiphanous Photographs" appears on the extended version #64.

I'll write more by way of introduction, and comment on some of your fine work later; I justed wanted to take the opportunity to say "Hi!" (from Northern VA) and tell you how much I'm enjoying your Blog.

BTW: Have you tried a new product caclled Lightzone ( It is not Photoshop, but contains much of Photoshop's core functionality..but its main attraction is that everything it does proceeds from a Zoned tonal mapping of an immage. Easier to play with than explaining, of course, but the concept I've found is *very* intuitive for folks like me that have migrated to digital rather than being born into it;-)