Saturday, October 18, 2008

Bow River and Rockies Edited

Do remember to click on the image to see it at a half decent size.


Debra Trean said...

beautiful BW and yes it looks much nicer BIGGER... very beautiful

Anonymous said...

Hi George,

I find the latest edit of the image very good. I really do. But do you remember my critique of an earlier image of yours?

I think that my old critique points hold true here too. Your current image has so much detail across its entire surface and is so equal in tonality across the entire surface that no part of the image dominates tonally and shouts out to be noticed as being the main subject of the image.

The water is a bit darker than the rest, but not enough to immediately draw the attention to itself.

Take a look for example at Ansel Adams' "Frozen Lake and Clifs", "Surf Sequence" or "Moon and Half Dome" (all in the Making of 40 Photographs). I don't mean that you should emulate these images, but more as an example of a landscape image with a dominating element and large ares without texture.


Mauro said...

Noart, I do not agree. I have several monitor setup each with it's own computer and operating system. The quality of these pictures depends a lot on your calibration. For example in in linux things a bit murky from the tonal point but if i correctly setup a gamma of 2.2 the pictures work a lot better.

Tonality perception is a very troubled area on the web.

Sean Winslow said...

I have a calibrated monitor, and I tend to agree with noart. Additionally, I think the added contrast to the mountains was positive, but perhaps has gone a bit far into that corner of the image having a somewhat artificial look. Really like what you are working on, though.

Incidentally, I have been reading your blog for perhaps the last 150 posts--don't know why I have never thought to comment until today, and then multiple times.