Monday, November 16, 2009

More Images From Trip

Both images used Helicon Focus to increase depth of field.


Anonymous said...

George, these two images do very little for me with respect to the tool you were using. If you are trying to make a point about Helicon (which I think you are) then you may want to post images that (a) we can identify with, and (b) clearly show the benefit of the tool.

mike said...

In my view, I think the advantages of focus stacking is evident in these two images. And, if we were able to see big print versions (for example) it would be even more obvious.

The first image shows how well the focus is maintained on both a curved surface as well as across a plane. The second image is tack sharp (as far as I can detect) from front to back in what is a relatively deep structure standing proud of the wall.