Wednesday, November 25, 2009

Recent Industrial Shoot

These images were made on a commercial shoot for a local industry and I now have permission to use the images for any artistic purpose.


Sandy Wilson said...


It makes a change getting a bit of co-operation from a private company and getting permission to produce images of their property for you own use.

In to days world usually all you get is you can't photograph this building as it is copyrighted or this is private property clear off.

Or you are suspected as a terrorist and accosted by the police as to why you are photographing this building, even if you are making the image from a public place. All very frustrating in to days paranoia society.

The freedom to photograph in public places has been taken away and street photography etal Henri Cartier Bresson is a thing of the passed.

At present in UK you cannot take pictures of public buildings, in public parks, on beaches and in the street, and anywhere there might be children.

They the establishment keep telling you have the freedom to take pictures in the above places and of people, but when you try to do it you are either reported by other members of the public or hounded by the authorities.

I can guarantee that if I went to London tomorrow and pointed a camera in the direction of the Houses of Parliament or most other prominent buildings. I would be challenged by the police within five minutes. Even in my home town of Andover I avoid taking pictures in the street as I would feel ill at ease doing so.

It is a sad state of affairs that in to days society that photographers are looked upon as either a terrorist or a paedophile.

Sorry George for being a bit political, but this is a very important issue here in UK, and it is causing a lot of worry about being out and about taking photgraphs in public places.

Is it as bad over there in Canada?

Keecia Buster said...

Sandy, I didn't get any sort of harassment by the authorities for taking pictures at all in London, and I even took pictures of the authorities.

George, I love your photos. I especially like the first industrial photo, and also very much like the photo of that tree trunk you posted earlier. I stop by your site to examine your abstracts semi-regularly, and I really enjoy what I see.

Thanks so much,

Sandy Wilson said...

Hi Keecia,

You must have been lucky not being harassed.

The Metropolitan police are even stopping people from photographing St Pauls cathedral from the south bank,by quoting section 44 of the terrorism act, according to a letter in the weeks British Journal of Photgraphy.

This is a very sad state of affairs for all photographers working in and visiting London.