Monday, October 11, 2010

From Trip To Victoria, B.C.

A steel fabricating shop in Victoria, the cutoffs. He was working on the pieces for the bulbous bow of a ferry as I was photographing using a computer driven acetylene cutter, the planned cuts looking like a complicated model. I am informed some of the pieces cut out from these pieces went to make Honda Goldwing Tricycles.

This image has not been edited yet - straight from the raw processor.



Rynage said...

I quite enjoy the tonalities on those shackles/clamps, and the implied heart shape is cool. The composition feels top heavy, however.

That third one is making my head swim with it's Escher-like arrangement of staircases. Very fitting tonality on that one, too. I am always a fan of your precise, almost mathematical (for lack of a better word--that's not to say they are trite or "by the book") compositions, and this one works together beautifully with a subject that already seems to nod to that great mathematician/artist.

Tien Frogget said...

Wow, the shapes in these photos are fantastic! I really like the first one.