Friday, October 15, 2010

Nighttime Street Scene In Victoria

This would have been crap in colour, crap during daylight, but nice with a bit of editing and judicious use of two black and white conversion layers to get the two doorways left and right to roughly match in tone. Akvis Enhancer lightened the image and increased local contrast so I darkened it after (after all it was supposed to be a night scene). The sidewalk was way too dark compared to the rest of the image so I lightened it. I opened up the dark upper right corner again to blend well.

Below is the original image as recorded.


April said...

Hi George, I have been so inspired by and love your work. I am teaching a University english class using photography - if you can imagine. We have looked at your pictures and I just wanted to thank you for your blog. We are all keeping photo blogs and I know it is time consuming. By the way, I preordered your new book on Amazon the other day - Amazon 'asked' me if I wanted to order it because I had bought your other book! Can't wait. Thanks again for the inspiration!

George Barr said...

Thanks April, it's been a wonderful adventure.


steve willard said...

Just placed advance order with Amazon(linked from TOP)for the new book. Best wishes, Steve Willard

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