Friday, October 20, 2017

Editing Tribune Bay

Seems to me that the image I uploaded yesterday looked weaker on the blog than it did in Photoshop. This happens sometimes, perhaps part of the toning. Here's what happens when I edit the uploaded image. It particularly seems weak on the right side so that is where I did most of the work. I had thought to lighten the light areas but in darkening the dark, it has the same effect without weakening the detail in the light parts.

Thoughts? Too heavy handed?

Before, then after.


fws said...

I like the "after" version

Cliff McMann said...

I’m partial to the after. My one nit pick is that it makes the lighter tones in the rock in the bottom right corner stand out more against the darker tones. I find my eye being drawn into that corner more in the second version. Maybe tone them down just a little bit?