Wednesday, January 02, 2008

Concrete Bridge Support

Some feel that photographing a two dimensional surface isn't real photography. Certainly lighting is less important but noticing the detail is essential and recognizing that you can do something with the detail and that when suitably cropped it starts to make an interesting composition is certainly an artistic skill. That the end result looks more like a painting than a photograph doesn't in my opinion matter.

I certainly don't expect everyone or even the majority of people to like the image above, yet my wife was immediately enthusiastic and one of my patients, herself an artist and budding photographer was keen too.

If you generally like the images that I show and don't like this one, it may be worth coming back to now and again. It might be worthwhile asking yourself why you don't like it. Perhaps you could break down the characteristics of a good photograph and decide whether this has any of those attributes. I don't think this is a great image, but I'm happy with it and just maybe there's something in it for you too.

Comments, raspberries and others are welcome.


Beau A.C. Harbin said...

This is the kind of image I just want to reach out and touch. I can sense the rough and smooth areas. Very cool.

James said...

It's all part of "seeing" which I think is paramount in photography as in any artistic endeavor. I have enjoyed all your abstract shots and they have made me see even better. Thanks, Jim

Laurie said...

The pattern of pale alternating dark and light vertical bands suggests a field of tall grass with the light spots the flowers. The rust blob on the left, with horizontal band and vertical oval above suggest a person standing in the field. To me this has whimsical meaning, and adds interest to what may appear to many as a random patterned abstract. Maybe this says more about me than the image.