Saturday, January 19, 2008

Still Finding Things At The Machine Shop

It was nice to be back at the machine shop again today. Rosco greeted me with a handshake and smile, old friends now. I asked if he would mind signing a model release so that I can use his picture for fine art sales, competitions, submissions and publications and he had no hesitation in doing so. I suggested that if Kelloggs calls to put the image on their corn flakes boxes, he and I would work out a deal. He seemed to think this unlikely. He showed me his overalls which had "assholes" on the breast - apparently the name of his motorcycle 'gang'. I'm pretty sure he's the kind to stop and help a little old lady across the street, while wearing his leathers. Perhaps he's right.

There's been a lot of cleanup since I was there a month ago - walls painted white, machinery moved, lots of things just plain gone. I'd say a good 1/3 or more of the images I already have would not be possible now - good thing I started this project months ago.

I'm going to head back tomorrow to see what else I can do before the cleaners up do more 'damage'.


Jarrad Kevin said...

Gorgeous image! Truly fantastic.

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