Sunday, January 20, 2008

Small Differences, Big Differences

Above is today's edit while below is the previous edit of a similar but not quite identical shot.

Diffferences include more dodging on the spokes of the half circle whatnot, inclusion of the top of the whatnot, moving the circular collar in the bottom left, a slightly higher viewpoint and also I suspect a longer lens (the inner half circle doesn't look as rotated as in the earlier shot which I assume to be from the change in perspective.

In most ways I prefer the newer version exc. for that less obvious rotation. These wre subtle differnces impossible to see through the viewfinder. The single image of today was a 120 second exposure at f 16, the camera wouldn't focus and manual focussing was as much luck as skill.

I could re edit the earlier shot to look more like the latter, but I prefer the space above the whatnot and I like the two diagonal braces of the outer half circle.

The original version of today's shot actually included a post reaching up to the upper left corner and while 'clever', I decided it didn't add to the image.

The end result is consistent with my philosophy of 'simplify, simplify, simplify'. 'If in doubt, don't', 'if you aren't sure if it adds, it doesn't' and 'it's almost never worth adding something if it comes with excess baggage'.

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