Sunday, November 02, 2008

Birch Tree

Several tree stitches have not worked out - just because one side of a tree looks good does not mean that more of same will be better. I quite like this tree however. I can see that the image needs work - areas that should be darkened in the dark gray for example but as it looked better before shrinking it for the web, the next step is probably to live with a print for a day or two before making further changes. This is a 17 image stitch, now that it's trimmed and flattened it's 7000X5000 pixels - 16X23 inches at 300 dpi.

My biggest fear with such complicated stitching is that after hours of editing and flattening, I'll find a flaw in the stitching. I have gone over the image carefully but am well aware that I could very easily have missed something. Mind you, I did save the unflattened 17 layer image (1 GB).


ilachina said...

The three images you've posted thus far only strengthen my belief that you have a fine portfolio in the making. It may take time (and obviously effort: 17 images stitched, Sheesh! ;-) but it is a fresh novel idea and quite beautiful to behold, unfolded so to speak. Keep it up. Don't rush. This may be one of those projects that rides along, quietly, in parallel, to other "mainstream" efforts. And before you know it, you look back on the body of work you've accrued, and "Voila!" Really nicely done (and imagined) George.

George Barr said...

I think the idea is sound but I'm going to have to find exceptional trees for this to fly. I will continue the hunt.


Paul said...

First of all, many thanks for the great book and blog, both are a very reliable source of information and inspiration.

You might be interested in a 1972 coffee table style book of interesting and artful colour photographs of various paterns on tree bark: Hidden Art in Nature, "Synchromies" by Oscar Forel, published by Harper & Row [sbn: 06-011317-0].

I was given a copy about a month ago and found it very interesting, hope you do also.

Please keep up the good work, I'm sure there are many others like me lurking in the background daily. We may not make the effort to thank you, but we do appreciate your efforts.

Robert Hoehne said...

all trees are exceptional ;o)