Saturday, October 12, 2013


That time of year. We don't have the maples to add red, but we do have Cotoneasters that look like they are on fire. Shot with the Lensbaby Pro. I can't remember if this particular image was the 35 or 50, but def.  not the 80.

I'd gone to the Camera Store to get a replacement 50 double glass, in Nikon mount (I already had the Canon one, but no more Canon to mount it to. They were out of the 50, but turns out my 50 mounts just fine on the Pro, so I now have the 35, 50 and 80. Not really sure what role the 80 will play as it doesn't have the lens distortions of the others, but probably isn't good enough to act as a true tiltable normal use lens - something to be tested though.

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