Saturday, October 19, 2013


This rather surreal image is actually of the back wall of a gas stove pudding cooker - a six box, steam filled device for mass producing Christmas pudding and other steamed foods.

I found it in a church basement where we were holding our annual model railway auction. To me it looks like a cross beween Encounters Of The Third Kind and something the Hubble Telescope would have photographed.

I'll probably trim a bit off the bottom once I have had a chance to think about it but in the mean time I think this is the best I have done in some time.

Hand held with the Nex-7, 30 mm. Sigma lens.

There's a message here - both about the oddest subjects making interesting images, but also about curiosity and the recognition of potential.

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Anonymous said...

Great abstract interpretation.

I have followed your move from Canon to Nikon for increased resolution. I am curious for your comments and thoughts on the Sony high resolution APS-c camera and lenses.