Wednesday, October 23, 2013

EBooks and Ipad Ready Image Purchases

I've been asked to make an ebook of my images, and given the cost and marketing issues for a printed book, I'm starting to seriously think this is a good idea. This further raises the question of whether there is a market for fine art images at size to go full resolution on the latest iPads with their retina screens - 2048X1536.

This raises all manner of issues since this is a big enough file to make a great 8.5X11 image and probably a pretty decent 13X19 - so any photographer releasing those files is more or less eliminating any print purchases from that image - for the purchaser, and possibly for many others if the file gets shared despite best precautions (pirating is going to happen, we just have to live with it and remind ourselves the people who pirate were never going to pay anyway so it's not really lost money.

Despite this, I am tempted to make a few test fine art images available in this format, for $1 each.

So I'm asking - is there a market for a) an ebook of images, probably at the resolution of the original iPad, with text and voice, price $5 and b) for individual images at the resolution of the Retina screen iPad, price 1$ and you could make your own prints from this, for personal and family use only?

If I were to release a few test images this way, what images would you particularly like to have at high res or to be able to make yourself a print from?

You can respond with a comment to the blog entry, or you can send me an email to george dot barr at shaw dot ca. If the latter I'll let you know if and when it becomes available and promise not to abuse your email address with a bunch of promotions, and absolutely not release it to anyone else.

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M.D. said...

Great idea ! I would certainly buy one.
At this price, it is a no brainer. Will the images be available to those who don't have an iPad ?