Sunday, October 20, 2013

Oven Edited, Then Reshot

So I was very happy with the last version of the image, but... I'd shot it hand held, with the Nex-7 and 30 mm. lens, ei. 800, and hadn't quite got it as sharp as I might, and fairly grainy by the time I did sharpen it and with some luminous noise suppression which didn't help detail.

So, since the conditions on-scene shouldn't be any different, I called Bob and asked a big favour - could he get me back into the church kitchen, for a reshoot - more pixels, iso 100, tripod and even more careful alignmnet parallel to the back of the oven. I even donned yesterdays bright red shirt thinking that had added colour to the image.

It was impossible to exactly reproduce the image despite trying to duplicate everything as closely as possible  - even minor changes in position made a huge difference to the reflections. Actually the closest copy of the original image wasn't quite parallel and the top is blurred, so I worked with one of the later images and a bit of editing. I actually resized the original image and placed it on top of my new version so it could be turned on and off to gradually work towards the previous version.

In the end the colour is quite different and is simply what I like today.

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TJ said...

Personally, I would boost the Reds just a bit. Maybe the Blues too.