Wednesday, October 02, 2013

Light Weight Tripod

Let me recommend to you this Slik tripod, the  PRO 340 DX leg (really tripod minus ball head), combined with the BH 25 lever ball head from really right stuff

This combination is both lightweight and quite sturdy for its weight.

The legs are foam covered for warm soft carrying, the centre column is in two well fitted sections so you can get low to the ground without reversing the centre column, the legs sufficiently long that usually I don't need the centre column extended, and the legs have three positions including really low to the ground (about five inches for the camera).

Yes, it's not carbon fibre, but it's a third of the price and it's worked very well for me, both for the D800E as a travel tripod, and more often for the Nex-7. I've had no reason to regret the purchase which is more than I can say for many of my previous tripods. It`s so light I can`t imagine carbon fibre being lighter - stronger probably, but this works well and holds my cameras steady.

Do remember that if you don`t have L brackets on your cameras, you need to lean the camera body over to the side and the tripod is both less steady and more likely to just plain tip over so a heavier tripod is needed.

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