Saturday, April 05, 2008

New Camera

Not wanting to lug my 1Ds2 around San Francisco, I elected to purchase a 40D. I traded off the extra pixels of the new Xsi for the extra waterproofing, speed and handling of the 40D. Sure do love that big LCD.

I had great difficulty deciding on lenses for the camera. In the end I elected to try the new 18-55 IS as it had had good to excellent reports. Everyone recommended the 24-105 but my reading and looking at resolution indicated it was pretty weak at the long end, even on a reduced sensor camera.

I decided to purchase the newish 70-200 L IS lens on the grounds that I can't think of a single situation in which I have taken advantage of shooting at f2.8 - even the very shallow depth of field pipe image was shot at f5. If this lives up to standard, I'll sell the 2.8 to someone who does theatre or sports or music and who can really use that extra stop. This will go some ways towards lightening my camera bag.

Despite ogling the rather cool looking Crumpler bags, I elected to go with the Tamrac Velocity 9 bag. I liked the fact that it is top opening yet isn't likely to spill things, seems to turn round for access easily - time will tell if that's still true when fully loaded. It should easily handle my two new lenses.

The image above is decently sharp, hand held, 18-55, shot at 8 PM with the sun already well down, ei. 400 - despite reports of a noiseless 400, there is definitely "grain" but it certainly isn't objectionable.

My second battery is charging and I think this will work just fine for wandering around San Francisco.


Billie said...

George, I have the 24-105 and I'm not impressed with the lens at all. I bought it as a walk around lens but it is big. I find myself using the 24 2.8 lens or the 50 1.4 lens most of the time as a walking lens. I like both of those lenses a lot but probably like the 24 the best.

On the other hand I have the 70-200 f4 lens (before the IS version) and I think it is the finest lens I have although I don't have the opportunity to use it often. So you made a good choice.

mkinsman said...

I have the 24-105, 70-200 4.0 L IS, and the 17-40 along with the 40D. I have found the 24-105 to be outstanding in my application - mainly landscape. some portrait, and citscape work. It has become my primary lens and have found no issues at any focal length. It might measure soft,but nothing significant in a final print. YMMV.