Saturday, April 05, 2008

San Francisco

I have given myself one day in San Francisco (this coming Thursday) and am definitely soliciting advice on how to best make use of the day photographically. Ideally I'd like to do a quite a bit of shooting, but am also open to visiting photographic galleries. Does anyone have any experience and therefore suggestions?


John Labovitz said...

Well, it kinda depends on what you like to see and photograph, obviously.

I lived in SF for a few years, and for some reason never made it up to North Beach. Now, when I go back to visit, I love walking around that neighborhood. It's also next to Chinatown, which is fascinating and well worth a photographic stroll.

You could either hike or cable-car down the hill into downtown, and hang around on Market Street for a while, with the colorful street life.

Then, in the afternoon, go have a coffee at the SFMOMA museum cafe, and see the Friedlander exhibit.

You might think you'd want to see the museum first, but it doesn't actually open until later in the morning, and you might as well get some shooting in first.

While you're near SFMOMA, check out SF Camerawork, a nonprofit/alternative gallery.

And the Yerba Buena Center is also worth a wander.

Hope this helps!

kheydon said...

Currently, there is a major exhibit of Annie Liebowitz's photography at the Legion of Honor. You might enjoy viewing the exhibit.