Sunday, April 06, 2008

Where Do Ideas Come From?

My wife and daughter are into horses and we have a 1992 Suburban for pulling a horse trailer. It uses enough gas that we could affor a small car plus gas on what it was costing us to use it as a regular vehicle, so it sits in the back lane, waiting to be used to haul a horse.

Anyway, my wife needed the truck to work and knew the vehicle wouldn't start in the cold weather. A boost and new battery were called for and when the fellow from AMA came by and I popped the hood for him, I noticed the nicely weathered insides and thought it might make a picture.

Normally I'd have everything in focus using focus blending but in fact I quite like this hand held shallower depth of field image with the depths of the motor nicely blurred.

I see my neighbour has an old car in the back garden - I'm going to pop over and check under the hood.

In terms of coming up with ideas for an image or even a series or a project, one never really knows when an idea might pop up or from where. One needs to be always aware of patterns, shapes, tones, light, as well as interesting subject matter. They certainly aren't limited to when you are thinking photography. Few interesting things make good photographs but few photographs of uninteresting things make good images, even if the thing that was interesting is nothing more than a curious shadow.

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