Sunday, April 27, 2008

WARNING! Rant Ahead

Why is it that photographers and galleries insist on displaying work in tiny on screen images? Is there really such a market for 800 pixel representations of the image that the photographer must fear their theft? Surely it's more likely that all it will do is create advertizing for their work, for free?

I think we hit a new low in the link below. I'd seen the work of this Italian photographer in the latest Black and White. The photographer has no website but there was a gallery for his work, in San Francisco no less - here's their idea of viewing pleasure!

Nile Tuzun Gallery

See, I just gave them some advertizing. Mind you, the images are so small you are lucky if you can even see what it's about.


Sharon said...

Might as well be a flickr montage. :P

Greg said...

George, I agree with you entirely. I want to be able to show my photos large so viewers can appreciate the details. This is just one of the frustrations that I have with the current solutions for online photo sharing.

After searching for a solution that meets this need and other, I finally gave up and started developing my own. The ability to display large images maximized for the viewer's browser with additional controls for the photorapher is just one of the issues that FocalPower is working on solving.

Joe Lipka said...

I have solved this problem by using adobe acrobat. Thumbnails are small, but they lead to adobe acrobat documents which contain detail and are easy to see.

George Barr said...

I had heard that pdf are more secure but don't know how much more. Perhaps someone can comment. The other issue though is whether the security is really needed. Mind you, Joe has some of the largest web images I have seen and his site is a pleasure to peruse so he may well be on the right track here.