Sunday, October 21, 2007

Back From Jasper

I'm just back from a five day trip to Jasper, mostly holiday, but of course photography too. Jasper is five hours from Calgary or Edmonton and thus is significantly less touristy than Banff and for that reason is a much enjoyed place to visit. The Banff Jasper Highway is a lovely drive and on the way are Columbia Icefield and Athabasca Falls.

I'm in the process of transferring 11 GB of images to my computer from my Epson 2000 and the computer tells me it's going to take six hours, so it won't be finished until well after I'm in bed.

I did manage to get a peek at the images though and the above are three 'quickie' edits from the less than routine landscape work you might expect from a trip to the mountains.

More to come in the next week.


tcoen said...

Great group of shots. For quick edits they certainly look quite polished to me. The quality of light in the first and last is spectacular. And the frost image is unreal, a great abtstract. I can't seem to wrap my head around the scale in it. Is it a macro? Or a larger view of the surface of a pond?

George Barr said...

The frost pattern was noticed by my wife on a car as we came out of the hotel so I nipped back up and grabbed the camera. The image is showing most of the roof of the car, shot with my 70-200 at 200 mm. and using Helicon Focus to blend images (there was no way depth of field would cover things otherwise).

Anonymous said...

George, 6hrs for 11Gb that's insanely slow. From latest flash card(s) I can download 11Gb in less than 15 mins.

Its unacceptable today for devices to be this slow at downloading.

What's the upload speed to the 2000?


George Barr said...

I suspect that the Epson 2000 is USB1, not 2. Certainly with my compact flash firewire reader, it takes seconds.