Sunday, October 28, 2007


I have always thought of myself as a black and white photographer. Yet, when you see rust, you just have to be tempted to record it in colour. In the old days, if I didn't set out with some colour film, it was a moot point, but now that the images are recorded digitally, I can't really force myself into black and white and in fact wouldn't if I could. I'm quite happy to do a shoot and then decide after the fact which would work better.

In the case of the Independent Machinery project, some of the initial images I did in colour only but later more images seemed best suited to black and white and so I converted some of the colour images (most did well in black and white but not all).

Still, when you see great rust or other interesting colours, it sure is tempting to make the occasional image a colour one.

These days I'd hate to have to commit ahead of time to only making all black and white or all colour.

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