Tuesday, October 09, 2007

More On Looking For Images

I've written in the past about the process of looking for good photographs, suggesting that you have to star with something interesting then look for the image. I think I can fine tune that a bit, discussing "interesting" in more detail.

It's pretty self evident that your idea of interesting is likely to be different from mine, yet the best images often appeal to many people, of differing interests and backgrounds, educations and temperaments.

Interesting in the more generally appealing sense can come from:

- a group of objects that go together in an interesting way

- a pair of objects can be so different they are interesting and unexpected when seen together

- interesting could refer to the surface reflective properties of the subject, or to it's shape (think Pepper # 30), or colour.

- interesting can be unusual - eg. up close and personal with animals not normally seen that close (or at all). this could be anything from an insect to an elephant.

- interesting can come from the weather - the worse the better

- the way the image is made can provide the interest - have a look at these wonderful photographs by Pep Ventosa as found by Howard French For The Online Photographer in an article called How to use Flickr.

Pep has some absolutely gorgeous images, do go through the multiple exposure images on flickr but then go to his website to see some of his beautiful stitched images.

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