Friday, October 05, 2007

Progress On The Book

With more than half the book through the copy editor, the first chapters have gone to the layout editor in Germany and I'm back working extremely hard on the book. In the last week I have uploaded more than a gigabyte of images while continuing to edit text, add text for each of the images, and try to keep track of which chapter I'm in at the moment.

Two editors are emailing me with issues on a daily basis, I'm working till 1:00 in the morning then getting up early to work some more on the book. I have seen the first chapter in it's finished form, with pictures and all and am really pleased with the work the editors have done.

It's been very difficult to keep track of more than 100 images for the book, where they go, where they came from (on my hard drives) and so on. I finally last night decided to create a database of all possible images for the book, with fields for file location, image title, whether monochrome or colour, a rating on the image, and what chapter or section of the book the image has been assigned to. I found 167 images I'd be willing to have in the book and having this database is going to make the rest of the organization a whole lot easier.

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