Saturday, October 13, 2007

Wall Ver. 2

Unhappy with cutting off the circles on left and right, I restored the three image stitch and recropped. I decided to remove some of the lower part of the image to the point that the vertical bars form V's along the bottom of the print, far left because there are bright things in the background that are distracting and it didn't add anything to the image and crop just a little of the right hand circles so that diagonal on one circle works nicely. I toned down the shapes in the bottom right a bit but the diagonal here matches the pipe next to it, and the diagonal of the washer material?

Interestingly, seen large in Photoshop I really like it, seen small as in the blog, it feels a bit tight on the bottom. Do click on the image to see it larger before deciding for yourself whether this was a good idea.

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