Wednesday, October 31, 2007

Over The Top?

Ed suggested that the original presentation of this image looked overly manipulated. I don't always succumb to the first suggestion that I am wrong but in this case I had the same reservations. I decided tonight to work on the image again and you see the result in the top position, the original result below. The new version has only local curves adjustments and dodging and burning. I suspect that I will continue to work on it, darkening the lower pieces of metal but not increasing contrast further.


Jarrad Kevin said...

I make it a habit of regularly going "over the top" in processing and prefer your over the top version of this image. In some areas, for my taste, you could have gone further. Still, the colour version of this image is tops for me.


ed said...

Rather than 'overly manipulated', I was concerned with the style of the processing, most notably the severe local contrast enhancement.

After seeing the original image, I tend to agree with jarrad kevin that the color version is preferable.

JimDesu said...

[delurking] I'm no great photographer (am working on "adequate" at the moment), but I think the lower-contrast image above is truer to the color one (which I prefer too).

Howard Grill said...

George, my personal opinion is that the bottom one does feel over-manipulated to me and I do prefer the top one. That said, I think I actually would prefer something between the two, with perhaps a touch more contrast and a bit more sharpening than the top...just my opinion though.

The post reminded me of something Brooks Jensen said in one of his recent podcasts. When talking about applying an effect he said something along the lines of "you really don't know how far to push it until you've pushed it to far".