Saturday, October 13, 2007

That Bugs Me

Went to download a profile for the new Harman FB glossy paper - guess what - no profile for the Canon 5000, and even more irritating, you have to register to get the profiles - I don't see why I should give them my name address and email just so they can send me ads so that I can get the profile that is essential to use their paper.

I've written to them. We'll see how this plays out.

Hopefully booksmart will come out with a profile soon, failing that I might have to get a custom one and pay for it - hardly the end of the world, but Harman should be on this.

Still liking the paper though, perhaps a bit glossier than typical glossy dried matte.

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Alan Rew said...

George, for cases where a site requires 'registration' in order to download something, I make use of a free web-based email account which is completely separate from my 'real' private email account. Any spam that subsequently gets sent to the free account doesn't interfere with my normal correspondence.
Free email accounts can be picked up in many places, including yahoo.