Monday, November 29, 2010

Tomasz Gudzowaty

thank you to Marcin for pointing out the work of Tomasz - well worth exploring his site and images.

Sunday, November 21, 2010

Paul Caponigro Portfolio

The entire current View Camera magazine is a single portfolio of 59 of Paul's images, reprinted with excellent quality. A must have for any serious photographer. I just hope the magazine printed enough of them.

You need this issue.

Wednesday, November 17, 2010

Date Of Publication for Why Photographs Work

Below are the two emails I received earlier today from my publisher, first confirming our most up to to date shipping information - sounds like the shipment of books is somewhere mid Atlantic as we speak.

The second attempts to explain the reasonable caution that amazon takes in predicting availability dates  - I think they are entirely right to do so - so, with a little luck they have in fact been overly cautious and within two weeks (as I predicted) they will be emailing everyone to say that a definite shipping date is on and the books will arrive in time for Christmas after all.

I do so wish I could share it with you know, but those two chapters on amazon will just have to whet your appetite.



Hi George,

We just heard from the freight forwarder and the shipment is due to to arrive in the harbor on Nov 25, and at Ingram by Nov 29/30. Our December release date looks secure. I don't know why in the world Amazon would send such a notice. The due date on Amazon is 12/28, but we hope the books will be shipping to customers by the 15th. I am going to contact the O'Reilly sales rep for Amazon to see if he can shed some light on this.



I just got off the phone with John (O'Reilly sales rep for Amazon). He said that is supposing the following:

– The due date had slipped at one point from Oct to Dec. Amazon's algorithm notes a loss of confidence.
– With the holiday season coming up, they want to under-promise and then hope to over-deliver.
– Once the book is in stock, they very well may send another email saying "good news, the book is in stock and is on the way".

Basically, what Amazon does is out of our control. I am just happy that the book will ship in December regardless of what Amazon predicts.

This is a pretty lousy explanation, but that's the best we can get.


Thursday, November 11, 2010

I Have The Book

My advance copy of the book has arrived. The paper is thinner than I'd like, the black and white images a bit too selenium, but damn it's a nice book. You might even find my writing interesting. has a 'look inside' of the first two chapters.

It should be in book shops in about three weeks and is orderable now.

Sunday, November 07, 2010

Cave Roof

Another image from Writing On Stone. This one was a focus blend, tripod mounted, me wrapped around the tripod and inside the cave. Later I took some handheld shots because I couldn't get the tripod close enough to the side of the cave. Focus blending in Helicon Focus, local contrast enhancement over a small part of the image only via Akvis Enhancer, colour tinting by Layers, solid fill, colour blend mode.

Writing On Stone Provincial Park

The first products of an overnight trip to Writing On Stone, named for the native drawings in the soft stone. It turned out to be very hard to photograph - so much interesting stuff yet hard to find workable patterns to it or particularly interesting details.