Saturday, September 21, 2013

Window And Open Door

Decided to wander round an older part of town, Inglewood, full of art galleries and quaint shops. Shot with the 10-18 on the Nex-7, hand held.

Sunday, September 15, 2013

Garage Wall

Found as is against the wall of my garage - photographed with the Nex-7 and my new $200 super sharp Sigma 60 mm. f 2.8 lens - stitched 5 vertical images, camera swung horizontally.

I shot this at f13 for adequate depth of field - even so, the lip of the left hand boot is slightly out of focus but I don't find that objectionable.

I printed this on Hahnemeule Sugarcane - after a two step toning process - purple, then orange, but subtle.

Sunday, September 01, 2013

Downtown Water Park

The Nex-7 and 10-18 proved ideal for photographing the park. I was able to position the camera over railings and leaning down and very near the falling water in ways that would have been difficult or impossible with the D800E and its lack of a tilting LCD and use of tripod.

I wasn't sure to what degree the image stabilization would be useful with such a wide angle lense - but turns out that for many situations it does replace the tripod. None of these images ended up making use of the HDR that I'd set the camera to, relying instead on Lightroom control of shadow and highlight - an impressive job for the Nex. Picked up a Think Tank Retro 5 for my Nex kit and so far I love it - flat bottom so it can sit on the ground without falling over, no zips to deal with, but a generous flap and two velcros so it won't spill contents, open and close with one hand, and darn, I like that colour and material. I'm looking forward to seeing how the Zeiss 16-70 performs and wonder if it may turn out to be a tad big for this bag - but we'll see.

I may not be producing significant photography, but I sure am having fun.