Friday, May 16, 2014

Zoo With 400 f 5.6 and Canon 70D

Well, lots been happening. I'm going on a cruise soon and birds are going to be significant, puffins, also whales - so I checked out the birding videos and websites and the consistent recommendation was a Canon crop sensor camera (usually the 7D) and the Canon 400 5.6 L lens, particularly for birds in flight - the point being that your shutter speed has to be high anyway.

I have now made the bold (? foolish) move to sell all my Nikon gear, for a variety of reasons I can go into but largely because of having the Sony A7r - but it did leave this one hole.

Here's from this morning's trip to the Calgary Zoo.

I actually want to go back and reshoot the owls with my A7r , 400 mm. not cropped, and with tripod so I can reduce the ISO. That said, ISO 6400 isn't bad on the 70D. "Grain" on a 13X19 print is visible  in the eyes and beaks, but probably less than Tri-X in the old days - we live in wonderful times.