Saturday, June 13, 2015

Johnston's Canyon 2015

This image was made from two shots, 75 or 120 mm. lens, the former I think, with the Pentax 645Z, shot from the bridge over the lower falls pool.I did think to increase contrast and make it 'zippier' but prefer this rather muted version. I did use Akvis Enhancer, but with a black mask and then painted into the mask, mostly in the lower dark rocks and pool.

Ken and I had a good day - I made it to the upper falls and my iPhone tells me I climbed 31 flights of stairs, took some 12000 steps and traveled some 7.8 km - certainly by far the most I have walked since the hip replacement.

Given we woke at 3 to leave Calgary at 4 to be at the canyon at 6:10 and beat the crowd, that I'm stiff and tired to night - well that's ok. We did meet a few people in the canyon at 6:30, but were the first vehicle in the parking lot - I was tempted to auction off our prime spot in the parking lot as we left.

The interesting thing about this shot is that everyone has made it - literally a million tourists over the years, but I'm guessing few framed it this way, and if next week I discover someone else has, well that's fine.