Sunday, July 31, 2016

Yet Again

And Another Car

Back Out Shooting

Yes, it's been months since an entry. One thing and another, and the addition to our household with Sophie, our now six month old Standard Poodle.

For example, today we went in the morning to the off leash park, then there was leash training , then this afternoon, more leash training on the way to the local park to practice Fetch with a tennis ball, and then back to the Off leash park, and now she's rested up and ready for action again and she's not tired but I am.

Anyway, Ken and I popped over to Gasoline Alley at Heritage Park to photograph the old vehicles and a good time was had. For convenience I took the Sony 6000, and did enjoy the convenience of the zoom, but sure missed the simple manual focus of the Pentax 645Z - sometimes the image would magnify but not for long, and trying to move where it magnified was more than challenging.

But it was sure nice to be shooting again.

Two weeks ago we went back to Jura Canyon and not all those images are even processed at this point - stitching and blending in progress.

And the image below is from Maligne Canyon a year or so ago, discovered on the SD card and I thought worth working on.

 And from Gasoline Alley:

And this gas pump glass: