Sunday, August 28, 2016

Grandfather Tree

Located at Cochrane Ranche, a short distance west of Calgary, this 300 year old tree is most impressive. I wanted to make an image that might be a little different and so chose to shoot it wide open, with a very narrow band of sharpness on the base of the trunk. I wanted a low contrast image and so used curves to further emphasize the trunk compared to the background., with some subtle field blur at the edges of the image at the far left and lower right. It was then toned with my brownblack toning action, then adjusted further by double clicking on the layer and then changing the blending by shifting the output right hand split slider (option move). This latter reduced the rather heavy sepia look and especially the pinkish looking light tones.

The image is 9000X15500 pixels, three images stitched from the Pentax 645Z. I just can't stop myself from  stitching after years of not having enough pixels. Guess I'll have to make a 60 inch wide print some time.