Sunday, March 31, 2013

Saturday, March 30, 2013

Well, That Was A Long Break...

Not long after my November 10 blog entry, my father, age 90; fell coming out of the shower and couldn't get up. In his wisdom, he had taken his waterproof alarm off and laid it where he couldn't reach it and spent some 30 hours on the floor before staff at the lodge noticed he wasn't at dinner and came to check on him.

He was rallying quite well when he developed aspiration pneumonia and basically gave up. I think he realized he wasn't going to regain his indepenence.

Anyway, I spent much of November and December in Edmonton at the hospital and he died January 1. It's really only this last week or so that I am feeling better and at least a little ambitious.

Almost no photography has been done during this time but this week, fed up with being unable to supply clients with large prints, I finally picked up that D800E I'd been considering, and have been having some fun with it this weekend.

My arthritis is still limiting my walking so I picked up some peppers to photograph - hardly original but also challenging. Tomorrow I get brave and cut them open to see what can be made of the interiors.

I have the sigma 35 f1.4, Nikkor 85 1.4, two superb lenses, but also the Nikkor 200 micro as well as the 70-200. This latter I was prepared to return, but so far the results are quite good and I wonder if I even need the 85. I do like the micro nikkor for close work though and will hang on to that.

I did make one image in January, from some flowers my sister sent me in lieu of the gorgeous flowers at Dad's memorial that I couldn't bring home to Calgary.