Saturday, January 15, 2011

Book Sales

Sales of "Why Photographs Work" have been very good with only 780 of the books left at the distributor. I sent off the proofs for the second printing, different printer.

For about half a day, the book was # 430 at and # 4 photography book and in Canada, amazon had it at # 76 overall for a day., all this without any major online promotion other than the amazon reviews, which have been excellent, 6 fives, 1 four, and one 3 (he thought too simple).

I think I got it just about right - pleasant to read rather than work, yet informative. Sure the best read photographers are probably only going to pick up a few points in the whole book, but hopefully even they will enjoy reading it.

Remember that the book is meant to be enjoyed by non photographers too, and that also seems to be the case.

Happy New Year


pjshutterbug said...


I happened to purchase a copy of your latest book, "Why Photographs Work" and it has become one of my favorites.

It is so easy to just pick up and open and read. I feel as if any and all of the content speaks to me and that I connect with it on a level that is both intellectual and emotional at the same time. Not many books have that effect on me.

Thank you.

Peter M

Brad C said...

I wanted to stop by and thank you for putting together 'Why Photographs Work'. As someone who has done his share of reading and pondering the technical side of photography, it is a perfect book to ease me into actually looking and thinging about photographs (something I need to do a lot more of). I find it tough to pick a single photographer's work and your book has a number of things going for it:

1. A variety of works from current photographers. I like that you covered many genres and styles.
2. You can just look at the photos! They are nicely presented in a large size.
3. I like the combination of both your view and the photographers'. Your view seems very honest - not written with the hindsight of the photographer's view.

For some reason your book marked an "a-ha" moment for me - I finally see that why a photo works is often different than why the photo was taken.

Thanks from a fellow Calgarian!

Andy Marland said...

I bought a copy of the book a year or two ago and have read it in it's entirity once, dipped into it multiple times and am now going through it again. I thought it well written and intelligent, and refreshing to read a book aimed at people who already know the technical side, and are mroe concerned withe the 'why' rather than the 'how'.