Sunday, July 17, 2011

Ressurecting An Oldie (but Goody?)

Came across this old image and decided to play with it. Some 30 layers later, each masked and painted, and some careful cloning in a small area, and I'm quite pleased with the result.

In total this adds several hundred subtle changes to colour, tone, or contrast in one area or another, this on top of all the changes I made last time round. Despite this, the final image is very close to the original scene that attracted me.


TJ said...

You surely have the patience to add so many adjustment layers :)
I get into a fatigue after the first 3 layers!

George Barr said...

There was a selective colour, a couple of hue saturations, about 15 curves layers, some duplicate image layers where I used the dodge highlights tool, I then desaturated the colour somewhat, added a bit of colour to one corner, increased canvas size on the bottom and added the corner of the one piece of steel.

There wasn't a sheet of steel in the image that didn't receive some adjustment, lightening or darkening, increasing contrast or accenting highlights. I even used a version of my black and white toning to warm the upper right corner, using fill layer with single colour, adjust blend to colour, then mask and fade colour in a small part of the image.

I used content aware fill to add to the bottom of the image, but it created as many problems as it fixed and I redid it manually.

It's a gradual process - make some changes then sit back and look at the image, then some more, and so on, occasionally saving a version just in case I need to go backwards more than 20 steps but without starting all over again.


Andy Ilachinski said...

Any chance of seeing a before / after for this shot (even if only some small version)? Would be interesting to see the aesthetic result after what sounds like a prodigious amount of effort.