Friday, March 07, 2014

Not All Images Have To Shout


Unknown said...

Too true, not all images have to shout, or smack you in the eye. Sometimes a more subtle composition and approach works better.

Also sometimes an image can be just too busy.



TJ said...

I do indeed follow this approach. I take the picture that I enjoy working with. However, because I'm a member of some photography group and the group has to show itself and improves its reputation (beside enrolling in international contests), the "shout out" factor is essential for such activities. When I present such images for the "sorting" meetings, they are the first to be deleted. Unfortunately, this can affect some photographers to complicate their mental processes just in order to make a shot that stands out in every aspect possible.
Meanwhile, if you notice the catalogs of these contests to see the winners and those of special mention, you can easily identify the type of winning images: exotic places, and portraiture. This, makes me a bit careless about such contests. I'm not going to spend thousands just to travel to some place and enjoy photography there - and I hate portraiture in general; why would I do it just to please someone?