Saturday, November 03, 2007

And Once More Into The Breach

This was trip # 7 to Independent Machinery. The amount of "stuff" lying around is incredible, most of it with an eighth of an inch of dust on it. There are boxes that probably haven't been touched in 50 years, all manner of odd parts.

I did pull out the box of springs and moved the gears closer to the edge of the shelf for one image and set them up vertically for the other. This whole business of being able to arrange one's subject at will is completely new to me and very challenging, but in a way more rewarding than simply discovering something and blasting away.

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Aaron said...

The last image of the sprockets is great and looks like you could create an entire portfolio from just those few pieces of metal.

I've got a few really old sprockets and iron wheels that I foresee using in a new indoor studio projects. Thanks for the inspiration.