Wednesday, February 10, 2010

Michael Kenna Video

As part of my next book project, I have been checking out information on Michael Kenna. On his site are a number of interviews and one in particular, a video; shows Michael out photographing and gives an excellent sense of "working the scene", as Michael wades through thigh high snow, and moves about the scene, trying different angles, getting down on his knees for a better view point, and stopping to think about the image rather than rushing about maniacally. View it Here


Anonymous said...


two nice posts on Michael Kenna and Michael Levin. I hadn't seen Michael Levin before- both somewhat similar style. Enjoyed the note about his approach- lesson to be learned again from it.

Should be a good book if this is the kind of stuff you are putting into it.

chuck kimmerle said...

This was a wonderful little video. The great thing about watching highly successful photographers at work is that it humanizes them. Makes them less mysterious and easier to relate to as individuals.

George Barr said...

Not just that they are human, but that the methods they use to find a scene and work it and select an image are not magical. They are real, practical, and the techniques can be learned.


Sandy Wilson said...

I viewed the video of Mr Kenna and was really impressed seeing how he goes about making his wonderful images.

It is very important that we have access to this type of thing as it is of great interest to see and hear what master photographers have to say about their work.

What impressed me most was that how the snow suppressed the detail to make the finished picture so simple and uncluttered.

Simplicity to me is the vital key to great pictures and here we see that demonstrated.

They say that a picture is worth a thousand words but this short video is worth more than that.

Definitely a master photographer at work,and magic to watch.