Wednesday, February 03, 2010

Photographer Interviews

In doing work for my next book, "Why Photographs Work" it was necessary to do some research on Pete Turner and this led to an interview at Berman Graphics

Not only did I find a great interview, there are more for the reading, complete with photographs by these great photographers. Check it out. They have Jay Maisel, Eric Meola and several others.

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Sandy Wilson said...

One of the most interesting and enlightening books I have in my collection is a book entitled 'Dialogue with Photography.

The book consists of a series of interviews with some of the great photographers of the later half of the twentieth century.

Books like this are so important as it gives the reader an insight into the thoughts and mine of the photographer being interviewed, on how and why their images were seen and made.

George, hopefully your latest book enlighten us in the same way.