Thursday, February 11, 2010

Rust and Stripped Paint

Photographed this morning. Had actually planned on photographing locomotive, but this particular old passenger car had wonderful peeling paint patterns and cracks and I spent most of my time exploring it. The sun was just barely off the car side as I started and by the end was just glancing it.
5D2, single image, f 16.


Tim said...

Wonderful image!

Sandy Wilson said...

I really like this image as it has a wealth of interesting detail and texture about it. In black and white it makes a very strong graphic picture.

I myself cannot resist taking images of this type of subject matter and would have certainly succumbed to this subject.

It would also be interesting to see what it is like in colour, just out of curiosity.

Anonymous said...

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Anonymous said...


nice image, but I think it would be even stronger if the rusty area and the paint area were more "distinct", in other words one area darker and the other lighter, just to show the relationship between the two in a more direct way. As it is, the image is too ... middle gray (for my taste).