Wednesday, May 30, 2007

Painterly Effect Of jpegsFrom FZ50

This 100% crop shows nicely the painterly effect of jpegs. Not all show this - the camera is capable of a great deal of detail so long as the contrast is reasonable.

The first image below is a jpeg version of an iso 200 shot. The second image is the raw image without sharpening - it's hand held from a moving boat and isn't super sharp.

The third image is the same image with fairly agressive sharpening with smart sharpen in photoshop - 300 1.5, much more than I'd normally use. While the result is really grainy at 100%, remember that this is iso 200 and from a 10 MP camera so you are looking at about an inch and a half of print here at 300 dpi for a print that is about 12X9 inches from the full image.

The last image is a 100% crop from a land based image at iso 100, with 300 .7 smart sharpen.


andrew said...

Now that is a great response to my question! Of course, it leads to another question. The contrast range in the posted otter photo looks manageable, and yet there is the painting effect. Is the photo a crop from a larger, more contrasty pix?

George Barr said...

these are all 100% crops - click on the image to see exactly 100% in it's own window - they are tiny parts of the image.