Saturday, September 15, 2007

Abstract In Steel

This afternoon was my fifth trip down to Independent Machinery and these perforated steel sheets were a wonderful find, perhaps the best yet. I know I was pretty excited as I was taking it. At times this excitement can get in the way of a good shot as all learned routines seems to fly out the window in the pressure of the moment - if I could leave the lens cap on by mistake, I probably would. Fortunately, after the first capture, things calm down and I start thinking about what I'm doing - f stop, depth of field, careful framing, any shadows, did I let the camera stop shaking before firing off the shutter.

It's terribly wasteful of memory, but memory's cheap and I usually get the shot, something that didn't always happen in the early days of 4X5. Even there, I always carried a lot of film and would fine tune over 4 or 5 shots, not 20 or more like I do now.

Truth is, I'm a pain to photograph with as I'm damn slow, methodical in my scatter brained way, you might say.

I'm not sure yet whether this will be better left in colour - there isn't a lot of course, but so far, what there is seems to be important to me.

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