Saturday, September 22, 2007

Machine Shop Variation

Sometimes you have to choose between two relatively similar images. First is an image I worked on tonight, a wider view, a bit more complex, which might be interpreted as cluttered) but I like the corners of the sheets at the bottom and top. The first image includes the drum in the bottom right, but I have toned it down.

Or perhaps this one, which was the earlier image I worked on. This image has a better splay, but it's a simpler design.

At the moment, I think I prefer the first image, though who's to say how I'll feel tomorrow, never mind next week. I'll live with the images for a few weeks before deciding. In this case the images are probably too similar to include both in a portfolio.

Interestingly, were I submitting for publication, I might well send both, letting the editor choose which they prefer - they like having a choice, and they may pick one over another for entirely different reasons than you might consider - such as which goes better with the other images, how it will look in reproduction, shape relative to page, and so on.


doonster said...

For me, I see strong similarities bewteen the 2 images; the left-right divide and the way the angles work on each side. I think i prefer the simpler (yet stronger) way these things come together in the lower image.

orcasmac said...

I like the second image more, because it's simpler and has a god set of lines through the image. My only complaint about the second image is that the strongest lines point downward and out of the image, without any significant object at that focal point.