Sunday, September 23, 2007

Out For A Walk

Not in the mood for a serious shoot, I nevertheless wanted to get out with my camera, so grabbed the FZ50, didn't even take the camera bag, and wandered the back lanes for an hour round my neighbourhood. Absolutely nothing that would make a portfolio, but pleasant and probably doesn't hurt to exercise my eye and brain a little. All of the images would have been better quality had I taken my tripod and good camera, but then I wouldn't have gone out - so...


Anonymous said...

Just wondering, you say, "All of the images would have been better quality had I taken my tripod and good camera..." Do you mean better technically, ie. exposure, sharpness etc., or better composed/framed etc?

I guess what I'm getting at is, surely the fz50 is capable of taking good, even great, photographs, no?

Or do you mean that the ergonomics of said "good camera" would have improved you vision somehow?

fws said...

I suppose that some of the images (e.g., the first one) depend on the precision of very fine detail to be fully satisfying

George Barr said...

Well, with the FZ50, in black and white, with appropriate sharpening of raw images, there is fine grain visible in an 8.5X11 print - very much like shooting tri-x with 35 mm. exc. that the 'grain' isn't worse in the highlights - a big bonus. Shooting with the 1Ds2 is like using medium format with something like FP4+ or Delta 100.

The bigger issue is the tripod - if the tripod were to interfere with the creative process, or simply be too awkward to comfortably use, then potentially it would do harm, but in hind sight I felt that it would have been just as easy to lug the camera on the end of the tripod and I didn't think it would interefere with my 'walk'. I'm going to try some more back lane walks in the near future, with tripod, and with either camera so I should be able to tell from experience rather than assumption.

This morning I took a photograph from lying in bed, the FZ50 tilting lcd was invaluable. I just propped the camera on a pillow, used IS and the self timer and didn't even get off the bed - I know I couldn't have done that with the 1Ds2.