Sunday, September 09, 2007

Uwe On HDR

May I draw your attention to Outbackphot and the excellent efforts of Uwe Steinmuller. He's given a 65 minute lecture on High Dynamic Range Shooting and Image Making that is well worth listening to - at Google lectures.

Check it out.

A newer note on Outback Print is Uwe's and Jack Flescher's comments on Harman Gloss Baryta paper which they feel is the best yet in the "I wish I was glossy dried matte" competition, at least on the Epson 3800.

My efforts with the Canon 5000 have failed miserably, annoying since I had specifically purchased it for use with the new gdm (glossy dried matte) papers. Between defective surfaces and gray papers and the ink on the Canon being so glossy it shows gloss differential on all the papers, it's been a complete bust.

I'm not going to rush this time, but if the paper does hold up for other reviewers as well, it could be worth going back to an Epson printer. I even tried some of Canon's semi gloss paper - it too wasn't as shiny as the ink on the 5000, so for now I'm totally back to matte. We'll see. Sooner or latere there is going to be a paper and printer combination that will work.

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