Friday, September 28, 2007

Guess Where I Was, Again....

Wasn't sure I'd find anything to photograph, after all this is my sixth trip in two months to photograph Independent Machinery. Consistent with my comments earlier about not trying to redo previous work, I spent only a few minutes at the rack of metal sheets, taking a single picture, the rest of the three hours spent entirely in the one building. I found lots of interesting things and if they work out as well as I hope, these two are the first of several images from today's shoot.

As you can see though, I still can't decide if I'm a black and white or a colour photographer. I worry a little that I should be putting all my efforts into one or the other, particularly within a single subject such as this, but I'm damned if I'm prepared to lose either, so I carry on.

Certainly the idea of the repeat shoots here is the eventual development of one or two portfolios, though it occurred to me today that alternating colour and black and white on the wall might make an interesting show.

Well, back to working on some more of the images.

Have a good weekend.

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Anonymous said...

I can relate to the indecision re: color or B/W as I often find myself unable to fully commit to one or the other. For this series of yours though, I've definitely preferred the B/W images so far.