Saturday, September 22, 2007

Finally, New Image Of The Month

With a reminder from Andrew, I finally changed the image of the month, and to simplify things, I have limited it to a single print, one size, 8.5X11 and as an experiment, dropped the price, including shipping to $25.

I'm going to do this print on Canon Photo Paper Plus Semi Gloss on the 5000.

We'll see how this flies.

From the image description:

From my recent Independent Machinery series of images, this shows a rack of perforated steel sheets used in the shop to assemble a variety of oilfield and other equipment. It really does look like an abstract painting to me. Shot with my Canon 1Ds2, Canon 17-40 mm. lens, three blended images with focus adjusted between and the images blended in Helicon Focus for increased depth of field. Not only can this increase depth of field, I can use the optimum f stop, in this case f9 at 1.6 seconds exposure, iso 100, lens at 31 mm.

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